I also have a collection of a special out of print books of "The Practical Wood Turner" written by English, Master Turner, Frank Pain. This is a superb book to learn how to turn correctly in all aspects of the craft/art of wood turning. I first learned from this book when I found a copy in Winter Park, FL in 1964.

It was from England and originally published back in 1958 and is the copy I first read and learned from. The book was first published in 1957, 2nd 1958, 3rd 1962, 4th 1965, 5th 1967, 6th 1972, 7th 1873, 8th 1974, and in an updated 9th version published by Sterling Press in 1990.

All publishing's are out of print and very difficult to come by. Over the years I have been collecting all of the copies I could locate through many rare book collectors all around the World. I offer the books to people who want to have the seriously funny sense of humor of Frank Pain in his great book. I personally have never met a top Woodturner who hasn't read this book or owned a copy at one time in their life. Because of this one special book I felt I was never a self taught turner, Frank Pain taught me how to turn wood at 11 years old.

I never forgot his favorite saying in the very first pages he wrote, "My instructions mean what they say. You may be troubled with tools digging in. Well, if you follow my words carefully, they won't. My aim is to show you how to cut wood as it prefers to be cut." I offer my collection the old out of print books from $ 49.99 to $ 199.99 for a book club special edition with leather with gold leaf lettering on the cover.


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