Would you like a copy of what the WOODSHOP NEWS said about us with an article that was the cover story in 9/96 when we were in the Pacific Northwest and owned and operated Maple Specialties, Inc? You can download it and other articles published about us here.

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Worlds Largest Bowl 746k

Wimberley View Article Page 1 407k Page 2 32k

Woodshop News Cover Story 2,614k

Woodshop News 738k

Our woods are the very best of the highest quality and are graded several times before it will leave our company. Economy stock we don't usually sell because anyone can sell that wood, while we try so hard to get our customers the very best definition of grain and figure in special woods and burls.

Many people have been asking of us to sell our lower end quiality stock because the beginners want more options to purchase other woods to work with, so we will be coming out with an economy list with blems and partly figured stock that will be costing less money.

If you have any issues with turning that need addressing please don't hesitate to ask me for any assistance. I have been turning since I was 11 and now I am at 51, I just love all aspects of working on the lathe, even metal spinning also.Call me anytime till 6:00 PM Monday through Friday at 1-512-263-8355.

Happy turning to you all!

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